Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Bingo Freebie

This was a quick, and I mean quick, bingo game that I threw together for my students this morning. The only materials needed in order to play is a piece of paper and something to write with.

Students made their own board by drawing a 3x3 grid on their paper.  In each space, they chose a word from the SMART Board to write down.  They did not have a free space. They used their board multiple times.  Instead of placing markers on the space, they made a different symbol each time to represent each round.  A very easy impromptu game that they loved to play!

I made the file available for download in my store, Teacher Store 365.  In order to use the file you will need SMART Notebook.  The first slide was made using words from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  The second slide contains random words related to Christmas.

Many of you may have the privilege of being on break by now, but for those of you that have the privilege of still being with your students here is an extra activity to get you and your students in the holiday spirit!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Impromptu Review

Today I was in need of a quick filler activity.  We are ending a unit in Social Studies and had a little bit of extra time.  Today was one of those days, a typical Monday I should say, that I didn't have something extra hanging around.  So, I decided on a quick impromptu review with the whole class game Ask-n-Switch.

I gave each student an index card, and they wrote a question of their choice that related to our topic.  They were told to treat this as if they were writing a question that would be found on the test.  On the back of the index card they then wrote the answer to their question.

Before we started Ask-n-Switch, they traded cards with a partner to check that the question was relevant,could be understood, and that the answer was correct.  After the quick check, students stood to signal they were ready to go.

The index cards that contained their own questions and answers became our set of review cards.  The preparation took approximately 3-4 minutes.  In order to come up with a question, they had to reflect on their learning which required them to think deeper.  ALSO, we have a set of review cards that we can use again tomorrow!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Looking for an App?

I would like to introduce you to...

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with the task of finding an app?  There are thousands and thousands of education related apps with more added every single day.  I love a good app, but I have a hard time finding what I need.  Honestly, I end up finding a lot more than what I set out for and not always related to my initial search. 

I recently, today as a matter of fact, launched Student Apps for Education for a couple of reasons.  First, I want to share with you apps that I come across.  I love my iPad and searching for new apps.  So, why not share my findings?!?!  Second, I want to provide YOU with a go to source for finding grade appropriate apps (PK-8).  The apps will be categorized by grade level.

As I mentioned Student Apps for Education is just getting started, but I guarantee it will be a continued wealth of resources!   

Hope to see you there!!